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Every homestuck rn

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My buddy hurt his foot

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My hair has become seafoam




aw pup

honey no

Bless you fluffy baby

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Hey everyone! PrussianMoose is doing SPOOKY Commissions!!

It’s October!! And you know what that means??? HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING! And what better way to get this spooky ball rolling than with a SALE on Halloween Themed Commissions!?

*For the month of October I will be offering Color and Full Color commissions at a discount of 5 dollars! Halloween Themed basically means ANYTHING halloweeny. Your OC in a costume? You as a vampire? A vampire as you? Monster girls/boys? SOMETHING HORRIFIC?! All fit under the halloween theme. If you’re curious as to whether or not something is halloweeny enough to the discount then just ask!

Simply contact me over tumblr (HERE)  or email (Aubrey.k.phelps@gmail.com) so we can get this party started!

Please be able to provide references of your character as well as at least half payment up front! If you cannot provide references and just want me to draw from a description a 10 dollar design charge will be added! Art is completed on a first come first serve basis and is usually done in around one to four days depending on the complexity of the piece.

Things I am not good at drawing (fair warning):

-Pony Characters or Feral Furries

-Big Beefy Muscled Men

Things I will not draw:


-Underage NSFW

-Extreme Gore

-Complex Backgrounds

-Anything protected under American Copyright

If you have any questions or concerns please message me over tumblr HERE


If you’re feeling generous and just wanna donate for the hell of it my paypal is HERE!


If you just want to check out my art in general you can see it HERE or HERE (NSFW)

All transactions are done securely over paypal, you don’t need a paypal to purchase over paypal! Any credit/debit card will do!


(By purchasing any of my nsfw material you are telling me that you are of legal age to purchase pornographic material! Please do not purchase porn form me if you are not of legal age, thanks!)

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Look who else graduated today!

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this is the strongest vine I ever seen

BREAKING: #Ferguson @ShaunKing: City Council confirms Darren Wilson is still being paid and will continue to be paid indefinitely.


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ocfos replied to your post:ookyspoopybat Tumblr is dumb and wont let me copy…

Did you punch a neck too hard?

Naw, these fists are used for good! I was protecting my one dog from being snapped at by my other dog. We just got her a few days ago so theres still some tension.

ookyspoopybat Tumblr is dumb and wont let me copy and paste your message but yes!! I will be icing the shit out of my hand. Its all only just starting to get all black and blue so hopefully its done soon <.<

I dropped something under my bed so I reached under the bed without looking firstand got it back. And I was only a little scared!!!



American Horror Story: Freakshow


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Hey everyone!! As you might have heard my super good friend (and honorary little sibling) freebrasumente is in danger of facing homelessness because of some total bullshit with their school housing stuff!! They only need 1300 more to cover the costs and keep them from going homeless this winter and to help get the donations flowing I’m going to be offering HALLOWEEN REWARD SCRIBBLES to any tumblr users who donate 5 or more!! These cuties are available for a limited time (the month of october, actually) so get ‘em while they’re hot!!
Simply donate 5 or more to freebrasumente's GoFundMe page and leave your tumblr url in the comment area then message me to let me know it’s there! I will then reward you with a scribble (much like the ones above) of yourself, an OC or any other character you want!! All Halloweeny! WOW!

Freedom is a great kid and they deserve a chance to live out their college education in a safe, warm place. Please help us keep them off the streets!! And if you can’t donate… spread the message!! Every reblog, every dollar helps get us closer to keeping them safe and sound!! Spread the love!

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captainwhosit replied to your post:So I was trying to save one dog from getting hurt…

Gravity Falls. Also, I hope you’re doing OK aside from the hand.

There you are! You werent on skype so I wasnt sure :x Already all caught on on GF, season two is already looking so much better than 1 which I thought was impossible but god damn

Super super good show!! :B

My mom wants me to stop calling my babies food-names in public because shes worried someone will think Im going to eat them

But if I want to call my own dogs chicken tender and little nugget and tortilla chip and meatball then BY GODS I WILL

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